Glasgow Flying Club

Glasgow Flying Club (GFC) was founded in 1963 and is one of the oldest flying clubs in the UK.

Located at the North side of Glasgow International Airport (Find Us), Glasgow Flying Club is ideally placed to provide the facilities for student pilots & LAPL/PPL holders from West & Central Scotland.

Glasgow Flying Club offers a full range of services including:

Flying from Glasgow International Airport offers both LAPL/PPL pilots & new students the experience of sharing the same runway with large passenger jets, flying within international air traffic control zones and offers access to services unavailable from smaller airfields.

So why not come along and see the wide range of services provided at the Glasgow Flying Club?

Introductory Flights offer an excellent introduction to flying. See Introductory Flights for more details or telephone 0141-889-4565 (please note that the club is not always manned)