Private Pilot Licence(PPL)

In order to fly light aircraft, it is necessary to obtain a Private Pilot's Licence (PPL). The PPL is a recreational licence, which entitles the holder to fly almost anywhere in the world, so long as they are flying for non-commercial purposes and operating aircraft up to 5700kgs.

Virtually anyone can learn to fly - you only need normal health and eyesight (with or without glasses) in order to pass the medical requirements (a Class 2 medical is the minimum requirement). There are no age limits for dual instruction, although the student pilot must be at least 17 years of age to be issued with a PPL, and any instruction received prior to a student's 14th birthday cannot be counted towards the licence.

At Glasgow Flying Club we follow the JAR approved syllabus, which requires a minimum of 45 hours flight training.

The average student can obtain their PPL within 45 to 60 hours of training depending on how regularly they fly. Students who choose to spread their training over a longer period of time tend to suffer from lack of continuity and therefore require more training to meet the required standard.

Starting with general handling exercises you will quickly progress onto learning how to take-off and land the aircraft, before the thrill of your first solo flight. This is followed by advanced exercises such as cross country navigation.

Alongside the flight training, you are required to pass seven written exams covering the following subjects:

  • Aviation Law & Procedures
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance
  • Navigation
  • Flight Planning
  • Technical
  • Radiotelephony

These exams can all be taken at the school, with any ground school provided on a one to one basis as required.

At the end of the course a flight test is undertaken with an independent examiner. This skills test takes place at Glasgow, so there is no need to travel for the test.

After obtaining your PPL it is possible to add a night qualification and other additional ratings to your licence(such as the IMC Rating).

You may also then hire our aircraft and exercise the privileges of your newly acquired licence sharing your new found freedom with your friends and family!.